No-stitch refractive cataract surgery is the gold standard for restoring eyesight that is failing due to cataracts. However, not all ophthalmologists are as experienced with this procedure as Dr. Randy Ennen. With only a small incision, Dr. Ennen is able to remove the cataractous lens, replace it with a lens implant, and gently close the incision without a stitch of any kind. Dr. Ennen is the first physician in the Fort Smith area to offer laser cataract surgery, bringing an even greater degree of accuracy and a lower risk of complications.

With standard or laser cataract surgery, most of Dr. Ennen’s patients feel little or no discomfort and are able to leave the center in just a couple of hours. The procedure is safe, with predictable results for standard or premium lens implants. Patients desiring to correct their vision at the same time their cataracts are removed may choose Acrysof Toric lens implants for astigmatism. Those hoping to completely eliminate the need for glasses may find that the Crystalens accommodating lens is the right choice for their needs.

We want you to have the best possible vision following your cataract procedure, so we are pleased to announce that our surgery center has recently acquired two of the newest advances in refractive cataract surgery technology.

The Optiwave Refractive Analysis (ORA) System. The ORA System® offers a new paradigm in calculating lens implant power and astigmatism correction for refractive cataract surgery. This device connects to our operating microscopes and measures the refractive status of the eye after the cataract is removed, optimizing the lens implant power immediately prior to insertion. By selecting a lens that most precisely matches the patient’s visual needs, we can reduce the need for glasses after surgery. We are proud to have been the first in the Fort Smith River Valley area to offer this amazing technology.

The LenSx Laser® purchased in November 2013 is the first in the Fort Smith area, and only the third in Arkansas. Laser cataract surgery provides a measure of accuracy far superior to standard cataract operations. With the laser, Dr. Ennen is able to perform the procedure with the least possible trauma to delicate eye tissue. This results in less pain, faster healing, and your best vision in only hours, not weeks.

Advancements in Cataract Surgery


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