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Good eyesight is perhaps the most valued of the senses. Helping you achieve and maintain optimal vision is our top priority and that’s why our vision is to be the premier provider of leading-edge comprehensive eye care in the River Valley.

From preschool exams to LASIK and cataract surgery, Ennen Eye Center is proud to provide the best vision care for your entire family. We provide ongoing education for our staff so they may assist our patients in fully understanding their treatment options. State-of-the-art equipment helps us ensure the best possible treatment for our patients. Our ultimate mission is to provide an atmosphere of healing and safety.

During a routine eye exam at Ennen Eye Center, your eyes are tested for glaucoma, retinal tears, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy and general refractive disorders. A yearly eye exam is essential to good eye health no matter what your age, from preschool to post retirement. If corrective eyewear is needed, our optical department can help you select the right glasses or contact lenses.

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