Laser vision correction helps people who are nearsighted, farsighted or who have astigmatism. Dr. Ennen performs laser vision correction with the aid of an excimer laser programmed with each patient’s unique visual profile, using cool beam of light to reshape the cornea. The first ophthalmologist to perform LASIK corrective surgery in Fort Smith, Dr. Ennen was also first to offer Intralase locally in the fall of 2012. This advanced technique provides a blade-free surgery experience for the Lasik patient.

Because not every patient is a candidate for Lasik/Intralase, Dr. Ennen also continues to offer PRK (Photorefractive Keratectomy). PRK was the first refractive surgery to utilize a laser to re-shape the cornea. Many patients desiring corrective surgery but ill-suited for LASIK find they are candidates for PRK. Implantable contact lenses are one more option which may appeal to patients who desire permanent vision correction but who are not candidates for a laser procedure.

For more information on laser vision correction, go to, or visit to learn more about this particular method of laser vision correction. Financing is available with approved credit through CareCredit. If you would like to see if you are good candidate for LASIK, contact us today for a free screening.


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