Cornea Treatments

What Is the Cornea?

The cornea is the clear, smooth window of your eye that overlies the colored part of your eye and pupil. Along with the natural lens of the eye, it focuses light to the retina to let you see. Conditions that affect its clarity or smoothness can result in significant discomfort and decreased vision. 

Many environmental and age-related changes as well as medical conditions can affect your cornea. Regular comprehensive eye exams are the first step to detecting this condition. Our team at Ennen Eye Center has the expertise and technology to detect corneal conditions, and treat them medically and surgically.

What Corneal Treatments Are Available?

Pterygium Excision

UV light from the sun can be harmful to different parts of the eye. A pterygium is a  condition whereby fleshy tissue grows onto the cornea. This can cause irritation, redness, astigmatism, and decreased vision. Our team can surgically remove these troublesome growths in less than an hour to improve comfort and improve vision. 

Superficial Keratectomy

This procedure is used to remove unwanted scar tissue on the surface of the cornea that causes discomfort and decreased vision. 

At Ennen Eye Care, we provide the most thorough care in the Fort Smith area to ensure your safety and clearest sight.

What Dry Eye Treatments Are Available?

Eye dryness is one of the most common conditions that affect your eyes. It’s often a combination of a lack of tear production, poor tear quality, evaporation, and inflammation and may be a result of underlying systemic conditions.

Treatment often begins with a combination of artificial tears/gels/ointments and eyelid compresses and massage. Further medical treatment often involves anti-inflammatory medications. At times, however, these measures aren’t enough, and you may need a procedure to help you more.


Ennen Eye Center is one of the few institutions in Arkansas that has invested in LipiFlow® treatment. This thermal pulsation device allows your eye doctor to unblock the eyelid glands that cause our dryness. This 12-minute procedure is another tool to assist in the care of dry eye patients who have not responded to standard therapy.

Punctal Plugs

Each eyelid has a connection to the tear drainage system called a punctum. These puncta can be blocked with an artificial plug by your eye doctor to help provide increased tears to prevent symptoms of dryness.

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At Ennen Eye Care, we provide the most thorough care in the Fort Smith area to ensure your safety and clearest sight. Along with our decades of experience, we also rely on the latest technology to make your visit with us the best that eye care has to offer!

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