Eyelid Treatments

What Is the Eyelid?

The eyelid is the upper and lower fold of skin that protects your eye. More complex and playing a bigger role in your eye health than you might think, the eyelid involves skin, hair, cartilage, glands, and tear drainage structures. All of these structures can develop problems that require medical and surgical treatment. 

Eyelid Treatments

What Are the Symptoms of an Eyelid Problem?

Eyelid problems can cause many symptoms. We recommend an evaluation at Ennen Eye Center if you develop any of the following symptoms: 

At Ennen Eye Care, we provide the most thorough care in the Fort Smith area to ensure your safety and clearest sight.

What Treatments Are Available?

At Ennen Eye Center, our team offers the safest, most effective eyelid treatments in the industry. Here’s a quick look at what we offer to keep your eyelids healthy and your vision better than ever.

Upper Eyelid Blepharoplasty

Over time, your eyelid skin loses its elasticity and starts to droop. Together, these can be cosmetically bothersome and can affect your vision. This condition is called dermatochalasis. Your doctor can treat it with a low-risk surgery called blepharoplasty to reduce extra skin and improve peripheral vision. 


A chalazion is a common inflammatory eyelid nodule that often develops after a common stye. These nodules can require a steroid injection or an incision and drainage procedure if the nodules don’t resolve with conservative management.

Eyelid Nodule Excision

Your eyelid skin and glands are prone to developing growths. These growths should be evaluated with regular eye exams, because at times, the growths can be cancerous. However, most eyelid nodules are benign but can become irritated and cosmetically bothersome. Our skilled surgeons can evaluate your eyelid lesions and help you decide whether a biopsy or excision is right for you.

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At Ennen Eye Care, we provide the most thorough care in the Fort Smith area to ensure your safety and clearest sight. Along with our decades of experience, we also rely on the latest technology to make your visit with us the best that eye care has to offer!

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